Our Daily Schedule


Anyone else have a really busy life? Sure we are currently remodeling a house while we both work and raise a tiny human, but we need some kind of structure. I really need to start this off by saying we are a very laid back family. We have never really had a schedule and honestly a very structured schedule would not work right now since we spend half a day at one house and half a day at another. I, no, we needed a schedule that was flexible enough to move with us, yet structured enough so that we aren’t just sitting around wondering what to do next.

I started off thinking “what are the main things I want to accomplish with bear?” I have mentioned that I would love to home-school bear later, but why couldn’t I start with some kind of “school” now? I defiantly wanted a bible study to be part of our school along with the other normal school things. We also have to make time for that beloved nap. Then there is meals and snacks. Don’t forget bath time and bed time. Believe it or not, every family has a natural rhythm. Take a look at your past few days and note when your family eats and where other things fall in. Like we eat later because my husband is working hard on this new house, therefore I want us to eat together I have to plan for a later dinner. So the afternoon snack is a little later than other families.

My baby is only 16 months and while she is brilliant, she is a child so I try to stick an up/down schedule. Meaning if we are sitting down doing a school lesson the next activity should involve getting up and moving.

So like I said above we are splitting our time between houses, also I work 3 days a week. So our days are not too consistent. I would drive myself CRAZY if I set a time limit on things. Sometimes dinner takes 30 minutes to eat other times we sit and eat for an hour. Sometimes bible study last 2 minutes another time it may last .005 seconds. I really try to play school stuff by eat. She is only 1 so if she can not concentrate for more than a minute, there is no reason for me to fight her. If you have a one year old you know what I mean. She can learn so much just by hanging out with me though out the day, so no reason for me to force her to sit there and listen to me talk because she will not catch on to a SINGLE thing. At that point I will probably have a child that is in her emotional state of mind and we both will get no where unless she is in her executive state.

(Don’t know what I was talking about I will talk more about this later, but look up conscious disciple)

So you will notice that my schedule does not have time, this is my personal preference. 

So I had Bear’s schedule pretty much down, I really needed to work on mine. I have lived this whole time without a schedule and really it was OK, but I have a child, job, husband and 2 houses to care for. I need to know what I’m doing because if not, I will find myself sitting down during nap watching TV and wondering where that 2 hours went and when am I going to fold the clothes now. I’ve tried to fold my clothes with her awake and lets just say she loves to “help” but that is not at all what she is dong. Haha.


My major objects for the day are teach bear, fold laundry, wash dishes, make meals, keep the house tidy, and enjoy the day!

Yes, I fold laundry daily. It’s what works for me. I can not spend all day doing laundry. So I take the clothes out of the dryer, throw the clothes from washer to dryer, throw another load in the washer, and then fold and hang the clothes that I took out. It’s a constant cycle but it literally takes me 15 minutes to do.

You will also notice something on my side of the schedule called “extras”. This is because I still have hobbies, I still like to watch TV, I still like to blog. What I did was write down all of the things that I love to do, if there is time. My list includes sewing, blogging, watching a new TV episode, crafting and more. I listed them  in order of importance. This will probably change daily. One day I may have a sewing project while the next I’m typing up a new blog. I love to do these things and they need to be done, that’s why they are on the schedule.

The next thing I knew I wanted to be added to our schedule was pictures. I want to keep this out in the open and maybe even laminate it so that bear can see it too. I would love for her to see what’s happening next. In the future I plan to make a picture schedule of  our morning routine for her to see and follow along.

Now that my whole explanation of our daily schedule is done you finally get to see the result! It’s not fancy, it doesn’t contain EVERYTHING we do, I left out my morning routine before bear wakes up, I have this pretty much down and just like the rest of my life, it’s not super consistent. I do my own bible study at this time and I make my coffee at this time. Bear does not usually sleep long without me in bed so I don’t have too long.

daily schedule

Hope you are able to understand all of my rambling.

Love you,


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