Chickens on the farm

I can’t believe I have lived on this “farm” for 3 months already!

We moved in December to our new house, which we have been working on since May, and still going!

I knew moving out in the country that I wanted to take full advantage of having land and wanted to help supplement some of our grocery bill by growing and raising food.

I was able to take some of my first “homesteading” steps and I’m extremely happy!!

So when we moved out here I was given 4 chickens…

1 Rhode Island Red Rooster and 1 hen (Fred and Daphne)

1 frizzled Cochin rooster (Scooby)

1 silkie roosters (shaggy)

I just let them range and roam the land eating bugs. These have become our “pets”. We have since lost a couple roosters, but the rest of the flock is doing great! They sleep right next to our window and stare at us while we eat dinner.

I really love chickens and these are amazing but I didn’t get the satisfaction of getting anything but companionship from them, I wanted some delicious eggs as well! Well one day this past week we went to the feed store to grab some horse feed and I heard that sweet little chirp! It’s safe to say I left with more than just horse feed!

We now had…

2 barred rock pullets

2 Americauna pullets

And 1 New Hampshire red named “Bok Bok”

I wanted Bear to be as involved in this adventure as much as I am so she got to pick out 1 chick, the beloved Bok Bok!

The jump from 3 to 8 chickens was not to bad, but then again they are babies and hang out inside, and my other 3 just roam so I don’t even have to feed them!

Then the lady that gave me the others, gave me 9 more! I was in Chicken Heaven!! These included…

1 Ayam Cemani Rooster and 3 hens

2 Easter Eggers

2 production red hens

1 Americauna Hen

That’s 17 chickens people!

Right now it’s not that big of a deal, we will definitely go through feed more but I also let them free range for the day, and then make sure they are all locked up and safe at night. They tend to produce eggs in the morning time so with them being in the coop they lay eggs in the roosting boxes. We are in the process of building a new coop since the one we are using was here when we got here. That new coop will decide how many we can keep and love, until then I’m just loving on all these amazing little critters!

I am excited to share with y’all how this all plays out!